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'Public Shared Property DisableThreadingProblemsDetection As Boolean' is obsolete: 'Threading problems detection disabled'
In using an Xpand addin, I am getting an error: Cross thread operation detected. To suppress this exception, set DevExpress.Data.CurrencyDataController.DisableThreadingProblemsDetection = true. When I go into code to set this as suggested, I get a warning...
Product: eXpressApp Framework, Platform: Frameworks (XAF & XPO), Technology: .NET, Modified on: 2014/02/12 19:40

Cross-thread Access for updating GridControl without DevExpress.Data.CurrencyDataController.DisableThreadingProblemsDetection = true?
Hi, I'm working with a cross-threading application updating a GridControl / GridView for logging purpopses, of course I already dug some information : cross thread operation detected with system timer ( ...
Product: XtraGrid Suite, Platform: WinForms, Technology: .NET, Modified on: 2013/10/14 22:48

TreeListControl - Provide an option like DXGridDataController.DisableThreadingProblemsDetection
<para class="MsoNormal"><para class="MsoNormal">I'll demonstrate this problem with attached sample application. When you run the application and click on the button both MS grid and DX grid will be filled from the background thread (I used MS grid as a reference...
Product: DXTreeList for WPF, Platform: WPF, Technology: .NET, Modified on: 2012/12/10 00:32

Please stop commenting out DisableThreadingProblemsDetection option when upgrading project
Please stop commenting out the DevExpress.Data.CurrencyDataController.DisableThreadingProblemsDetection = True option when upgrading a project that has it in source code. Everytime I upgrade one of 2 projects that use that option, it comments that option...
Product: ProjectConverter, Technology: .NET, Modified on: 2011/01/21 14:20

DisableThreadingProblemsDetection property : had to set to true since version 9.1
We have a number of screens which display a grid based on a DataTable. There's a search-function which the user can use to search in the back-end table and based on this search, a field in that table is set to True or False. Using the RowFilter property of...
Product: XtraGrid Suite, Platform: WinForms, Technology: .NET, Modified on: 2009/04/08 04:36

DisableThreadingProblemsDetection is obsolete
I recently upgraded to 8.3 from 8.1 and now I am getting the following error: Cross thread operation detected. To suppress this exception, set DevExpress.Data.CurrencyDataController.DisableThreadingProblemsDetection = true So when I try to implement...
Technology: .NET, Modified on: 2009/02/27 13:03

DisableThreadingProblemsDetection issue on 8.3.3 release
Hi all, I’m experiencing cross-thread exceptions since 8.3.2 installation. I noticed later that this was mentioned in breaking changes list. With the 8.3.3 release, exception message now suggests using DevExpress.Data.CurrencyDataController.DisableThreadingProblemsDetection...
Platform: WinForms, Technology: .NET, Modified on: 2008/12/31 06:12

I'm using a BackgroundWorker to execute an import operation from file. During this operation I create an XPO object and I save it. When I save it I experience a cross-thread exception. I found a past issue Q36548 in your KB. I'm using the statement DevExpress.Data.CurrencyDataController.DisableThreadingProblemsDetection...
Product: eXpress Persistent Objects, Platform: Frameworks (XAF & XPO), Technology: .NET, Modified on: 2009/01/22 06:21

Warning in: DevExpress.Data.CurrencyDataController.DisableThreadingProblemsDetection
Hi, I am getting warning message in the statement, DevExpress.Data.CurrencyDataController.DisableThreadingProblemsDetection = true; I got a warning message like this: 'DevExpress.Data.CurrencyDataController.DisableThreadingProblemsDetection'...
Product: XtraEditors Library, Platform: WinForms, Technology: .NET, Modified on: 2010/05/14 05:47

CurrencyDataController.DisableThreadingProblemsDetection​ is not really obsolete
Hello, DevExpress Team! Why shared property DevExpress.Data.CurrencyDataController.DisableThreadingProblemsDetection is marked as obsolete? If I remove this property from my code than I'll receive a threading exception when I use several threads. What...
Product: Data Library, Technology: .NET, Modified on: 2013/08/13 01:55

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