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Cannot add a custom GroupHeaderBand descendant via the "Group and Sort" panel
Hello There, I have created a custom GroupHeaderBand descendant which implements custom smart tag functionality through custom DesignerActionLists. I have created a command handler which handles the "InsertGroupHeaderBand" command and inserts the custom...
Product: XtraReports Suite, Platform: WinForms, Technology: .NET, Modified on: 2012/09/12 06:06

End-User Designer - It's impossible to create a custom detail band in a detail report band at design time using the BandFactory
Steps to Reproduce: 1. Create custom Detail Band Class 2. Create custom BandFactory Class, override CreateInstance method. It should returns instance of custom detail band when BandKind.DetailBand is passed 3. Create New report, create new detail...
Product: XtraReports Suite, Technology: .NET, Modified on: 2007/08/07 06:57

I need a custom InsertDetailReport
Hi. I need a example to create InsertDetailReport command. I want load manually a the options menu and create to detail report. Can I help me ? Thanks, Xavi. | Hi Xavi, Please check the following thread to create a custom band, and add it via...
Product: XtraReports Suite, Technology: .NET, Modified on: 2010/07/01 08:53

Wizard - Report Wizard doesn't work if a derived DetailBand is used
We use a devired type of DetailBand, the EsDetailBand. When a new report is created with the wizard, the wizard checks if there is an existing DetailBand using this code in BandCollection.cs: public Band GetBandByType(Type type) { foreach(Band band...
Product: XtraReports Suite, Technology: .NET, Modified on: 2009/09/18 03:50

How To: Create and Insert a custom Detail Report Band programmatically?
Hello, I'm trying to find a proper way to create and insert a custom detail report band instead of the default one. I override the InsertDetailReport command and use the following handler: public class InsertDetailReportCommandHandler : ICommandHandler ...
Product: XtraReports Suite, Technology: .NET, Modified on: 2009/04/08 01:42

Custom DetailBand
Hello I created FilteredDetailBand class which derives from DetailBand. This class allow users to set data filter created by filtercontrol from XtraGrid. My problem is that I don't know how to replace DetailBand created in DetailReport. I tried to override...
Product: XtraReports Suite, Technology: .NET, Modified on: 2007/07/20 00:47

hiding/customizing designer's popup panes and xtrareport/devexpress words
1. How do I hide the top left properties popup that shows the datasource, datamember, datadapter and all the other parameters. I looked at the customization facilities offered by you guys but non point to the popup that is accessed from the xrDesignerPanel's...
Product: XtraReports Suite, Technology: .NET, Modified on: 2008/07/10 10:18

How create a customBand
Just a question ... Can I create a Custom Band from XRBand and add to the designer ,like a Child Band ? | Hi Enrique, I'm sorry, but it's impossible. You may only replace a standard class with your own one. You may create a class ( FilteredDetailBand...
Product: XtraReports Suite, Technology: .NET, Modified on: 2007/11/14 01:34

How to hide Report Task button and DetailBand task button
Hi, I’m trying to hide the [>] buttons on the designer and on the detail band (“XtraReport Tasks” and “DetailBand Tasks” popup menus) and cannot achieve that. I checked number of opened questions and none of those did help me. The question DQ19322 was my...
Product: XtraReports Suite, Technology: .NET, Modified on: 2008/08/14 12:56

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